ZimTalent is a project that seeks to unearth or discover raw talent, nurture it, expose it and develop it in different ways that includes training.  In 2016 ZimTalent introduces a new project called The Creative Arts Training project. This project focuses on developing and training artists of all genres for the production of quality work.  In addition to raw talent, the Creative Arts Training project also caters for creative arts entrepreneurs in need of inspiration, established artists in need of a business inoculation, unemployed youths with dreams of a creative career.

The Training will be supervised by experts in Arts Quality Assurance.

Scope of the Project.

Zimbabwe is blessed with talent and lots of artists ranging from professional, unprofessional, fulltime, partime, established, upcoming, wannabes and to sometimes bogus. It is an obligation of organizations like ZimTalent to create training and capacity development space for our artists for creation of quality work of international standards.

Major objectives:

  • To foster quality in the creation and development our artistic products.
  • To produce consumable and sellable work.
  • To bring sustainability in the livelihoods of artists and creative art producers. The more qualitative the art products are, the more professional and commercial it becomes.
  • To discourage and  prevent  artistic and creative mediocrity.
  • To attach merit and value to artists and their products. Every institution requires training, arts as an institution requires capacitation, training and quality development.